30 de octubre de 2017

ENTRY #12 Videos

In this video the inspector exclaims that he needs to acquire a perfect English pronunciation in order to avoid suspicion. “I am going to America, I am going to have to speak with a flawless American accent, so as not to arouse suspicion.” In this case, we can apply the concept of Idiolect in which people tend to sound like others with whom they share similar educational backgrounds and/or occupations. Moreover, we all speak with an accent and the term “accent” is restricted to the description of aspects of pronunciation that identify where an individual speaker is from, regionally or socially. In this video, the accent required is the one that many people use in America.


Yule, G. (2016). The Study of Language. UK.: CUP. Ch. 18, 19. Pages 240 and 255.

The term dialect is used to describe features of grammar and vocabulary as well as aspects of pronunciation and in this sketch there are some examples like differences in the use of grammar, in other words, grammar mistakes for example “She has some problems mixing metaphors, aren’t she?”; or related to vocabulary such as “It’s alright for you all, I’ve got a very small vocabulary.”. Also, in this sketch we can distinguish the concept of slang that is used among these students, this slang or “colloquial speech” is used in everyday terms among young people and groups with special interests such as the fact that they attend to the same English class. They speak in a way that is hard to understand for another people but they seem to get the meaning across during the conversation quite well.


Yule, G. (2016). the Study of Language. UK.: CUP. CH. 18, 19. Pages 240 and 259.

In this video, there are some soldiers from Iraq that are interviewed by an American journalist. One of the soldier is upset because while he was talking, re realized that his words had been translated on the screen, even though he had studied English in the American University in Cairo, his Iraqi accent interferes in his pronunciation. In this way, the term accent has been reflected on the video, the aspects of pronunciation that identify where this speaker is from, regional or socially are quite strong and highly recognizable.


Yule, G. (2016). The Study of Language. UK.: CUP. Ch. 18, 19. Page 240.

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