25 de mayo de 2018

ENTRY #3 : Speech acts: Constative and performative - Colleen Glenney Boggs

Think Section

J.L Austin, a British linguistic, divides words into two categories:
Constative: Sentences that describe something as true or false.
Performative: Sentences that denote an action in instead of conveying a message.

Both of them depend on the context and the reception. The performative are logical, they are known as FELICITY CONDITIONS:
- Authoritative
- Clear
- Able to be executed

If the performative does not meet these conditions, then it does not have the power to denote an action. But just because a performative meets its conditions and it is clearly stated, it does not mean that it is implicity followed.

Speech acts: when words are actions.
- Ordering
- Promising
- Apologising
- Warning
- Sentencing
- Christening
- Narraying

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